A Boutique Venue


The Courtyard house is a quaint and charming space, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore city. The property is located on a quiet lane off of Sarjapur road. It’s a perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the chaos of the city and is ideal for hosting family gatherings, intimate weddings, private and commercial photo-shoots, as well as weekend getaways.

A beautiful red-brick house set amidst lush green lawns and plenty of trees and lots of open space, making it the quintessential venue for anyone looking to host private events. The close proximity to the city draws people looking to escape the noise and commotion without having to venture too far out. The picturesque surroundings and tranquil nature of our property make for great scenic backdrop for photography. The Courtyard house stands out as a serene place for anyone looking to have a relaxed and enjoyable time in an expansive outdoor space.

The Space

A stroll through the beautiful lawns leads you to the furnished house on the property, with three large bedrooms, a living area that connects out into the lawn, and a kitchen. All the rooms connect to a charmingly beautiful open to sky central courtyard, the heart of this enchanting and tranquil property.

The Lawn, Indoor Space, Centre Courtyard




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