The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Experience

It’s a well-known fact that weddings in India are no dull affair, and with the changing times, several new customs have emerged to add to the existing ones that comprise an ‘Indian wedding’.

One such custom - a direct result of this new appreciation for photography - is the pre-wedding photoshoot. This is an exciting and engaging chance for the photographer to get to know the couple better, as well as figure out how best to capture their important moments at the wedding. Some couples prefer candid shots, while others prefer elaborate poses, with props and such. These pictures are not restricted to the couple alone - cars, pets and any other meaningful aspects of their lives could be incorporated, making for a fun experience overall!

The pre-wedding photoshoot is the perfect time to determine these factors, as well as establish the tone of the wedding - that is, how it will be seen on social media.

These pictures could also contribute as decor for the wedding itself.

Pre-wedding photoshoots require professional photographers, as well as an appropriate backdrop - one that matches the feel of the couple.

The Courtyard House is one such location - a quiet and secluded venue, with a beautiful interior and exterior - that appropriately caters to the requirements of such a photoshoot, having already hosted quite a few.

Love Photoshoot.jpg
Pre Wedding Photoshoot (2).jpg